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The XJ Series 1; a good example has now become rare, let alone a Daimler S1.

There is no doubt about a Series 1 XJ; this one is just beautiful! The large plastic bumpers on a Series 3, the black-tinted taillights on a somewhat later XJS, these are things that are sometimes questioned. However, opinions are not divided about the very first XJ, and that is not surprising!

Because just look at the design of those taillights, or actually the entire rear. Have you ever seen anything like this? We are talking about a hefty sedan, but the sleek elegance radiates from it. In large part also due to the slender chrome bumpers at the time; you never saw that again. The large rear window, also unique. And those exhausts; not logical they turned out after leaving the stern. Not logical, but oh so beautiful. Okay, I could go on and on, but let’s go to the state of the Daimler, just as important.

It is an original Daimler from the first series XJ. The beautiful ribbed Daimler grille and handle on the trunk are a typical Daimler design. Where the regular XJ Series 1 was also available with a 2.8 liter six-in-line, you will only find the 4.2 in the Daimler. I myself have never seen a Series 1 Daimler before, they are relatively difficult to find.

An original interior, with the Daimler woodwork. The four Daimler logos on the rims are complete, as is the logo in the grille. A period correct radio is still present. The leather is original and in nice condition, although there are some cracks and dry spots. The headlining has already been renovated in the past and is therefore not hanging. Lighting on the dashboard works. It is a complete and original looking example! Doors close neatly, the lines are correct.

But most importantly when it comes to classics of this age; an apparently ‘hard’ bulkhead, hard sheet metal and hard bottom plate. At the bottom we found only 1 part which was in slightly lesser condition, although this was absolutely not cause for concern. Special, because the Series 1 dates from 1973!

Although the sheet metal is in good condition, the paintwork is in a lesser condition. For the most part, the paint is no longer original, although the Daimler looks nice. There are also some dents in the sheet metal.

Trunk? Neat, the bottom is not rusted. Sills? al. Truly a car by and for an enthusiast, you can see that in every detail.

Then the technique. The automatic gearbox shifts smoothly and without fail. The chassis feels well-maintained, no strange play is perceptible and no strange noises can be heard. The engine runs well once up to speed. at low revs’ it is a bit irregular, this may be due to the electric choke, currently not available and therefore not mounted by us. Although complete and good looking, there is still some profit to be made when it comes to the engine. Of course we can advise and guide you in this, if desired.

You want this pure history on wheels.

There is still a lot to say about this Jaguar, but you only get a good picture when you look at the car and drive it. you are most welcome in Oirschot, the coffee is ready.

*Addition due to Covid-19: I can prepare the classic for a possible viewing, so that we can discuss with each other at a suitable distance when desired. I don’t take unnecessary risks. Take your driver’s license with you for a possible test drive.

What makes this Series 1 special?
Daimler, rare
Hard, free of serious rust
Fairly priced
Good investment

Jaguar and Daimler enthusiasts are located all over the world. 35% of our offer therefore finds its way to our neighboring countries. Naturally, we take care of the complete handling for you, from purchase inspection to export documents, whether or not provided with insurance. We speak Dutch, English and German.

Techical data
Registered in: NL
License plates: HL-HD-01
Origin: NB
Registration NL: 25-01-1994
First registration: 21-03-1973
Mileage: 133.074km
MOT expiry date: 03-09-2022
Cylinder bore: 4235cm3
Engine type: 6 cylinders in line setting
Output: 164kW/223BHP

Daimler 4.2 Sovereign Series 1 – Dark Green – 133.074km – Y1973

Fixed price: €9.990,- 



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