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The XJ40, arguably Jaguars’ most talked about design. Has now become rare.

We are lucky that in a distant past this XJ40 came to a standstill with a technical defect. Lucky, you wonder? O yes! The first owner stored his XJ40, with the intention of having it repaired in better times. The XJ40 remained in storage. Those better times? They followed, but with us. Full cylinder head overhaul. In addition, all brake discs and pads were replaced and big maintenance was of course carried out. Completely ready for the new owner!

The result is an XJ6 in great condition. Due to the already sporadic use and of course the long storage, the mileage is low and the user traces are minimal. Everyone is looking for classics with a low mileage. There are even companies that specialize in this; Switzerland, Japan, there is a search for pins in the haystack everywhere. After all, the interesting youngtimer scheme is still active, which is advantageous enough. While these are the same tax benefits when we talk about this XJ, I am sure these benefits won’t be the reasons that motivate the buyer. This is an enthusiast’s car, which you buy with your heart instead of your ‘euro brain’! A very special enthusiast’s car, with a very special mileage of 103,491 km.

Love it or hate it, that’s how it works with the XJ40. Fortunately, because they are becoming scarce so a large audience is only driving up the price, right? They are scarce, especially in this state. Where do you find that; pristine, original, from the first owner and then the most important; that special mileage. Does that exist? Yes, the NAP report details the history. Obviously a ‘hard’ bulkhead, hard sheet metal and hard bottom plate. An untouched interior, it even smells ‘new’. A real collector’s item, that is clear.

The original 1992 car papers are still included with the XJ40, great right? All additions in the service folder are also present. Unique, after 28 years. And that towbar? The first owner placed his bicycles on it. If you are not a cyclist, we can remove the towbar on request.

Well, so far the history of this Jaguar. When the above matters are in order, it is time to take a look at the cosmetic condition of the classic, which of course also provides the greatest pleasure when it comes to these types of special cars.

Because an XJ40 is so beautiful! The interior just radiates 80’s, beautiful. Eighties in a very luxurious uniform because woodwork and leather everywhere. Burr walnut, beautiful folding reading lights, a leather-covered steering wheel … And then the condition; no damage, no tinkered car kit, a beautiful original radio, everything as it should be.

No malfunctions, no crazy things. The beautiful and comfortable seats can be adjusted electrically, as are the mirrors. everything works as it should. This makes a great classic!

Then the outside. Very neat. Take a look at the sills. These still look just like when the XJ rolled out of the factory. The paintwork has been professionally polished and then waxed, it looks great.

A well-known phenomenon is the headlining that comes off. Every Jaguar of age will have to deal with this. The headliner of this XJ40 has been renovated and can therefore last for years.

Now I have seen quite a few Jaguars and Daimlers passing by here. Some classics give you the “I want that!” feeling. This Jaguar is one of them. No sales talk, selling should be done by a classic itself. In this case, I am sold!

Is there nothing to criticize at all, you wonder? Of course it is, no classic almost 30 years old is perfect. In the case of this XJ40 we are talking about the antenna, it won’t come out of its case. Easy to fix with a more modern variant under the rear window, though. And then there is the 30 year old air conditioning. The system is currently not working, because it is not filled with the modern gas. The classic gas is no longer permitted by law. We can also have the system modernized on request, of course at an additional cost. Was that it then? Yes it was!

Naturally, full documentation is available with the Jaguar. Service folder, NAP report, full set of keys with two remote controls, nothing is missing. This XJ40 underwent a complete head overhaul and overhaul at Jaguar specialist Coventry BV in Uden, NL, so that the new owner can drive it carefree.

There is still a lot to say about this Jaguar, but of course you only get a good picture when you look at the car and drive. You are very welcome in Oirschot, coffee is ready.

An average car company prepares cars for sale. We do not prepare for sale, but prepare ready for the enthusiast. The difference? The minimum diametrically opposed to the maximum, that’s the difference. View and compare the overview below, compiled per classic.

Executed technical maintenance.

  1. Overall checkup
  2. Front brake pads – Replace – Original JLR
  3. Rear brake pads – Replace – Original JLR
  4. Front brake discs – Replace – Original JLR
  5. Rear brake discs – Replace – Original JLR
  6. Six spark plugs – Replaced – Original JLR
  7. Air filter – Replace – Original JLR
  8. Camshaft locking plate – Replace – Original JLR
  9. Head gasket – Replace – Original JLR
  10. Spark plug seals X300 – Replace – Original JLR
  11. Exhaust Valves – Replace – OEM
  12. Coolant 6 liters – Replace – OEM
  13. Cylinder head stretch bolts – Replace – Original JLR
  14. O ring oil filter housing – Replace – Original JLR
  15. Oil pipe oil filter housing – Replace – Original JLR
  16. Oil pipe connector – Replace – Original JLR
  17. Engine Oil 10W40 – Replace – OEM Crown
  18. Coolant – Replace – OEM Crown
  19. Cylinder head surfaces – Overhaul
  20. MOT

Executed optical maintenance.

  1. Exterior cleaned, polished and waxed
  2. Interior cleaned
  3. Leather cleaned, anti-aging treatment
  4. Repaired various dashboard lighting
  5. Woodwork dashboard replaced Original JLR
  6. Number plates replaced for new, luxury print
  7. Headlining renovated
  8. Steel wheels replaced with original light metal

Why this XJ6?
XJ40 … That’s why!
From the first owner
Closing mileage history
Fresh car to see
New MOT without remarks or comments
Perfect color scheme
Rarer and rarer

Jaguar and Daimler enthusiasts are located all over the world. 35% of our offer therefore finds its way to our neighboring countries. It goes without saying that we will take care of the complete handling for you, from purchase inspection to export documents, whether or not provided with insurance. We speak Dutch, English and German.

Technical data.
Registered in: NL, EU
Licence plates: FJ-TG-18
Origin: NL
Registration NL: 29-07-1992
First registration: 29-07-1992
Mileage: 103.491km
MOT expiry date: 22-02-2021
Cylinder bore: 3239cm3
Engine type: 6 cylinders in line setting
Output: 149kW/203PK

Jaguar XJ40 XJ6 3.2 L6 – Regency Red – 103.491km – Y1992

Fixed price: €9.950,-
Margin car, no VAT deductible for entrepreneurs
Trading in? Gladly!



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