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The E-Type is ‘The most beautiful car ever made’. Those are the words of Enzo Ferrari.

You really can’t blame him. Check out the beautiful lines of this E-Type; even after 50 years you are still impressed. The Series 1 and 1.5 take the cake. The small, classic taillights above the chrome bumper, for example. The larger light units on later E-Types were placed under the bumper, a different view. The gigantic long hood, with the louvres in it. When the engine is up to temperature, you can see the hot air rising from there. A great pleasure to look at and heavenly to drive, that’s this 4.2!

It is special to sell these kinds of classics. I did not hesitate for a moment when the current Belgian owner asked me to view and assess the E-Type. Never knowing what to expect, I traveled to beautiful Knokke-Heist, not unknown territory. The great thing about these kinds of classics is that you can see at a glance what you’re dealing with. Is it a ‘real car’? It’s only two words, but for me they describe a very long story about an unspoiled classic, in good condition. Repairs and overhauls handled in the right way. A neat body with close-fitting panels. Leather upholstery in the right quality and condition. Original, working gauges. You could go on and on about this for hours, but you know what I mean. This is such a classic.

The current owner adores quality. After purchasing the E-Type in the Netherlands,  he was a bit surprised about some things. The engine compartment, for example. Although housed under the original and therefore perfectly fitting hood, the 4.2 turned out not to have the quality that was expected. That had to change. No half measures were taken, complete engine and gearbox were overhauled by a leading Belgian classic specialist. No fewer than 200 photos are available. We like to see photos that show a complete overhaul and a skilled working method.

Start the E-type and you will immediately hear and feel the perfectly executed overhaul. The 4.2 fires smoothly, runs perfectly from the first hit. The choke works optimally and is easy to adjust. Only in this way can you relax and enjoy your classic because as you know, tens of minutes trial and error before you are ready to go will only lead to headaches, not to pleasure. And fun, isn’t that what we do it all for?

This feeling is confirmed even more during the first kilometers. I already called it a ‘real car’. In this case, that means no cowardly feeling suspension, tight steering. No vibrations, no annoying rattles and creaks. No excessive exhaust fumes, no unburnt petrol smell. No thumping gear box, I could go on and on. A real car.

A classic that also turns out to be a good investment. E-Types are popular and that is clearly noticeable in the ever-increasing prices. It’s a good time to get in. And getting in, you do that with ease and comfort. The 2+2 body offers a lot of space both when entering and during the journey, which is handy. The perfectly shifting automatic transmission offers a lot of comfort, which makes driving relaxed and unhurried.

It is also important to mention the lesser points, however minuscule. One of them is of some value in my eyes. Although the hinges and locks can be called perfect, the bonnet has an unprecedented fit and the rear door seems almost cast in the body, the gap of both side doors is somewhat on the wide side. This may still be adjustable, but it will remain a bit visible. What are the further, less relevant negatives, you wonder? The original wiring harness is still present. Not surprising; after all everything functions well and the wiring harness is in healthy condition. Still worth mentioning. Same with the differential. Untouched, in original condition. This differential is quiet and shows no play, so it is not surprising that it remained original during the restoration. The original color was Pale Primrose Yellow, the current British Racing Green paint is in top condition and looks great on the E-Type.

A heritage Certificate is present. It is a Matching Numbers E-Type.

There is still a lot to say about this E-Type, but you only get a good picture when you look at the car and drive it. you are most welcome in Oirschot, coffee is ready.

Why this E-Type?
High-quality restoration
In particularly good condition
Closing history
Perfect color combination
Good investment

Jaguar and Daimler enthusiasts are located all over the world. 35% of our offer therefore finds its way to our neighboring countries. Naturally, we take care of the complete handling for you, from purchase inspection to export documents, whether or not provided with insurance. We speak Dutch, English and German.

Technical data.
Registered in: BE, EU
Licence plates: O-AFR-499
Origin: USA
Registration BE:
First registration: 25-06-1968
Mileage: 89.290 mls
Cylinder bore: 4235cm3
Engine type: 6 cylinders in line setting
Output: 180kW/246PK

Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 4.2 Automatic 2+2 LHD – British Racing Green – Y1968

Fixed price: €78.800,-

Trading in? Gladly!



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