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The AJ-V8, number 4 best engine according to the list of Ward’s 10 Best Engines.

The AJ-V8 block replaced Jaguar’s AJ6 six-in-line and the famous V12 and is a design by Jaguar itself. Ford also used this engine in different models. Like all engine types, this type also has its peculiarities, even though there are very few. One of the most important of these relates to the distribution chain, its conductors and tensioners. With an unmodified engine block, chain tensioners can break or release their guide layer. These parts can end up between the chain and sprockets, which has major consequences for the engine block, which usually results in serious engine damage.

Many Jaguars and Daimlers have completed the modifications; these have been carried out a while ago at the dealer or the car has been properly handled by a specialist. With such a modification, other critical parts are usually replaced and a major turn is often also performed; oils and liquids must be drained anyway to be able to carry out the modification. A decent operation, but a must for the Jaguar enthusiast for a carefree future with the XJ or XK. Because again; in fact, it is a great and very reliable engine, if properly maintained.

It goes without saying that we clearly state the modifications that may or may not have been made. An important point, because with many offered XJ or XK you will not find anything about this. For each car we check this by going through the relevant service administration, by reviewing invoices or by looking in the engine block in case of doubt. So you are not faced with surprises, but with certainty.

Take a look at the images below to get an idea of ​​the problems that may arise when the engine is not equipped with the modifications. You can see breaks in the chain tensioner housing, loose guide blocks on these tensioners, breaks in the chain guides and a thermostat housing that has been broken because the plasticizers have disappeared from the plastic over the years.

What does the modification entail?
Among other things, this extensive modification replaces:
– Chain tensioners, top and bottom
– Chain guides
– Timing chains
– Crankshaft seal
– Thermostat
– Water pump
– O-rings cooling pipes
– Both cylinder head gaskets
– Spark plug seals rubbers
– Distribution gaskets
– Engine oil filter
– Engine oil
– Coolant
Included is a general check of vital and controllable parts of the engine.

We explicitly do not choose to tackle only part of the chain tensioner modifications. We also only go for original Jaguar parts.
Security for everything; your Jaguar or Daimler can take it again for years!

If you buy a Jaguar or Daimler from us where the modification is desired, it will be carried out by one of the specialists in our network. This of course completely in consultation with you as a customer. We only work with original parts to guarantee quality.

If the Jaguar or Daimler in our offer is not yet provided with these modifications and you would like to have this carried out prior to delivery, we can offer the above for a reduced price, just ask for the details.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the options, just contact us, we are happy to help!


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