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There is hardly a classic Jaguar without walnut wood!

With the passage of time, this is not always in top condition. The paint on the original wooden gear knob is often discolored and torn. Take a look at the photos; on some photos you can see an original but unrestored gearknob, light in color, including cracks. Chances are your shift knob looks like this too.

Because we only want to deliver top quality, we have started the renovation of these shift knobs.

The original knob is uncoated by us, a time-consuming activity. It is then colored and provided with a new, strong varnish layer so that it can withstand it for years to come. We only restore gear knobs whose wood is still in good condition, so without damage under the paint layer.

Prices mentioned are based on trade-in with your current, identical shift knob. prices either including assembly, or including shipping costs to you as a customer. Items to be exchanged are shipped and paid for by you.

Original, restored wooden shift knob for Jaguar and Daimler between 1995-2002. X300, X308
Fixed price: €79,-. No trade-in? + €30, –

Original, restored wooden shift knob for Jaguar and Daimler between 2002-2008. X350, X351
Fixed price: €79,-. No trade-in? + €30, –

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