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If you drive a classic English car, you will recognize it; the sagging headliner.

XJ, XK8, Six, Eight or Super Eight; every Jaguar and Daimler has to deal with it. Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Rolls Royces and Astin Martins and Bentleys also know the problem. Sometimes it happens after a few years, another model only has problems with it after ten years; a sagging headliner.

For a long time we have been looking for the right way to get the job done, and it has been found! With this we can now offer a top quality restoration of heaven as an all-in service.

For the Jaguar, Daimler and Land Rover models with and without sunroof we have a solution, we arrange it from A to Z. You leave the car with us for one to three days, depending on the type of car. In this time we restore the complete fabric headlining, of course in a color that looks as original as possible. Would you like an Alcantara headliner, or even leather? That is no problem either.

We use heat-resistant glue for the new bond, so the coating will not come off again. Of course we deliver this service with a 2 year warranty.

Do you have a different brand and type of car and would you like to have your headliner repaired? Mail us the license plate and some pictures of the interior and we will provide a suitable quotation.

What are the costs?
Prices incl. 21% VAT.

Jaguar XJ Daimler Series 1, 2, 3 1968-1992
Jaguar XJS 1976-1994
Jaguar XJ Daimler XJ40 1986-1994

Without sunroof: €899,-
With sunroof: €1.099,-

Jaguar XJ Daimler X300, X308 1995-2003
Without sunroof: €699,-
With sunroof: €799,-

Jaguar XJ Daimler X350 2003-2009
Without sunroof: €849,-
With sunroof: €979,-
X350 and X358 are fitted with upholstered window pillars, called A, B and C pillars. Upholstering of these 6 pillars in total: €399,-. Usually not necessary, but showing a very nice result.

Jaguar XK8 X100 1996-2004
Coupe: €599,-

Jaguar XK8 X150 2004-
Coupe: €799,-

Jaguar S-Type  1999-2007
Without sunroof: €799,-
With sunroof: €849,-

Jaguar MK2 – Daimler 250 V8 1959-1968
Without sunroof: €1.299,-

Land Rover Range Rover P38a 1994-2002
Without sunroof: €699,-
With sunroof: €1.099,-

Land Rover Range Rover L322 2002-2012
Without sunroof: €799,-
With sunroof: €1.099,-

Bentley Continental, Continental Flying Spur, Continental GT, Arnage, Brooklands (re-use of the leather)
Without sunroof: €1.599,-
With sunroof: €1.869,-

Aston Martin DB7 (new Alcantara)
Coupe: €1.199,-

Aston Martin DB9 (new Alcantara)
Coupe: €1.199,-

Aston Martin Vanquish (new Alcantara)
Coupe: €1.599,-

Other materials such as Alcantara, Alcantara-like or leather on request.
Original Alcantara is available from an additional cost of €299,-.
Fabric comparable to Alcantara is already available from an additional cost of €79,-.

Driving you to public transport back and forth: €29,-

In addition, we also offer other repairs or enhancements. Think for example of dent removal without respray, detailing, interior cleaning, leather repairs and removing smells such as smoke. Ask for the possibilities.

Are you tired of driving around with a sagging headliner?

Feel free to contact us and get a obligation free quote.

Jaguar XJ X350, headliner and pillars upholstered with Alcantara-like fabric
Different colors possible:

Bentley Continental GT, re-using the original leather:

Different classics, upholstered with regular fabric
Different colors possible:

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