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You know the stories; strange people at the door, keep on complaining about the price or are unfriendly. That’s not what you want, do you?

You want to sell your Jaguar, Daimler or other Land Rover without hassle, for a decent price. I am always looking for these classics, whether they are in top condition or to be restored. In addition, I buy cars, but it is also possible to have your classic or youngtimer sold by me on consignment. Whatever you choose, unburdening is the key word!

What are the advantages?

It is simple actually; knowledge, experience and an extensive network are present, making it fast to switch. In addition, I offer additional services, whether or not in collaboration with other companies, so that we bring your car in optimum condition before offering it. This includes professional brushing, renovation of the headlining, carrying out all repairs and taking care of a new MOT.

How does it work?

Easy. Just contact me, for example by sending an email, calling or fill in the offer form at the bottom of this page.

Try to describe the classic as well as possible, this ensures a precise and honest proposal. Together we discuss the price, usually by phone. If we agree, I will pick up the car quickly from you, or you bring it to us in Oirschot. Together we review the condition of the car and if everything is as described I immediately take care of the handling, whether it is consignment or purchasing.

Are you curious about what your classic Jaguar, Daimler or Land Rover can deliver you? Contact us or complete the form below without any obligation. The different fields are not mandatory, but the more complete the form is, the better we can make a good proposal when it comes to your classic.

See you soon! All the best, Rob

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