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Insuring your Youngtimer or oldtimer, it can be difficult though.

Too young, too old, price from new too high, too much power… we are all familiar with these meaningless arguments.

When insuring your unusual classic, it is important to choose a specialized party. After all, it usually involves customization. The mileage to be driven, the general condition of the classic, the purpose of use and of course the appraised value; all matters that determine the conditions and actual costs.

Advice Insured! te Meppel is such a specialized party. They will look for the right policy based on your personal situation. Youngtimers from 8 years old can be covered on the basis of appraisal value (Article 7:960 of the Dutch Civil Code).

Request a no-obligation offer for your personal situation via their website: Adviesverzekerd.nl


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