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  • Coen - Jaguar XJ S1 Manual.
    Since autumn 2022, I was observing a very appealing offer of a 1969 Jaguar XJ6 first series, thanks to the carefully selected pictures as well as the highly personal comments/story by Rob, the seller, about the previous owner and his love for this magnificent vehicle. When I then contacted Rob in December through WhatsApp, he immediately answered all my questions and provided ample further information incl. detailed pictures of the car, its restoration works and other related documents (i.e. Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate) as well as several short movies showing the car starting, running and providing me sound impressions. As I live some 700 km away from Oirschot (NL), I had no opportunity for a personal look and test-drive. Over the course of a week, we had intense contact and owing to Rob’s openness, honesty and short reaction times, we concluded the deal without me seeing the Jaguar in the flesh. His efforts to provide the car several finishing touches (overhauls of steering wheel, upholstery and rims), despite its already excellent condition, convinced me he truly loves his trade. Finally, Rob spontaneously offered to trailer-deliver (waiting for a dry day being his prerequisite!) the car to my parent’s place some 200 km away from his premises. What a great service! All-in-all I can only recommend www.klassiekerskopen.nl (Rob de Bruin Classics) as a trustworthy exception in the world of classic car business. Coen

  • Camiel - Jaguar XJ Executive
    Fun and dynamic business with a pleasant personal contact, does that still exist? Yes - at Rob de Bruin of Klassiekerskopen.nl! Sometimes a car overtakes you: a matter of love at first sight. Put on naughty shoes and send an app. Instant answer - on Sunday. I live on the other side of the country, can you also deliver it? "Absolutely, is this afternoon suitable?". Less than six hours later, the Jaguar 3.2 L6 is in the driveway. 27 years old but almost like new. I'm in love. Rob takes his time and has great knowledge, a true enthusiast. We first drink coffee - and then beer - as befits a Brabander. We talk about anything and everything and Rob fills me in on the car, including history and documentation. Confidence is therefore immediately there. Overwriting is done in 5 minutes under the guidance of Rob. The aftercare is also perfect, a worn brake pedal rubber is immediately sent from Oirschot and a blown fuse is also quickly remedied after contact via Whatsapp. And then float over the country's roads in the Jaguar. King of the Road. The 'built-in priority' feeling with this British thoroughbred. Isn't that what you want? So keep an eye on Rob's website because new 'sweets' appear on it all the time. The Instagram 'feed' is smooth and amusing. And the price of the thoroughbred? Quite reasonable - of course you pay a little more for the average 'Marktplaats' sled, but the service, love, attention, pride and expertise of Rob is certainly worth this premium. Come to the Groene Woud to buy your own Jag, the Cat is Back!

  • Ben and Sandra - Jaguar XK8 Convertible
    While we were abroad, we had contact with Rob de Bruin by phone and WhatsApp about a Jaguar XK8 that he had for sale. He informed us very extensively and reserved the car for us. Based on the contact, it felt good and that was confirmed weeks later. The car was as the pictures and information promised. Rob is open and honest, if he doesn't know something he doesn't ignore it. He does everything he can to deliver a good car and takes all the time to explain and tell about the car. He is clearly an enthusiastic lover of classical (English) cars. Rob is knowledgeable, helpful, customer-oriented and pleasant to work with. If we are in the area we will definitely go again drink a cup of coffee with him.

    Ben and Sandra
  • "What you see is what you get!" Not only applies to the classics, but especially also to Rob. Honest, sincere and pleasant to deal with. Recommended! R. Gilissen

    R. Gilissen
  • You can tell by everything that Rob really has a heart for the classics and that he will do everything to satisfy you as a customer in a personal and committed way. This is unique in car countries.

  • Clear open, personal and above all friendly communication. To the point when it comes to used cars for sale, nice range of classics for rent.

    A. beemster
  • Good in dealing and understanding. The Jaguar I purchased exactly meets expectations and I could also ask Rob afterwards. Thank you for this.

    C. Wilms
  • I had been looking for a decent Jaguar or Daimler for some time and that's how I ended up with Klassiekerskopen, Rob de Bruin. I was impressed by Rob's knowledge and knowledge of Jaguar / Daimler. I just wanted a good car that I can trust because I'm not a key person. In an open and honest conversation I became convinced that Rob was the best address for that, so I immediately bought the Daimler Super V8. A great car and a great buying experience that I can recommend to everyone!

    R. van Dooren
  • Got to Rob's address for selling our 1990 Daimler. Prices asked at various companies but all very low bids. Rob offered to put the car on sale with him on consignment. Rob has always kept me well informed and after a few months he has sold it for a good price for me. I had not known a better sales site. Thank you again! C. Colsen


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