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The Netherlands has thousands of so-called ‘cleaning companies’. For the nice amount of 150 euros you have a shiny classic. Shiny for about a week.

Yes, one week. Then the true quality comes up or rather; the lack thereof. For a long time I have been looking for a good address when it comes to reconditioning the paint. Until I ended up with Walter from Company73. First classic brought and man, I was overwhelmed by the result, to this day.

Since that day, Walter has been taking care of all our classics, both the Morgans and the 356 Speedster Replicas from Klassiekershuren.nl as well as the Jaguars, Land Rovers and other classics available for sale.

Check out the photos of our Morgan 4/4 Convertible below. This has been rented out since 2016. I think I don’t have to explain that this has suffered a lot in terms of paintwork in recent years. A visit to Company73 resulted in the result below!

Since many of my customers have also entrusted Walter with their various cars, it was time to start a great collaboration. Please indicate that you are coming through Klassiekerskopen.nl and you will receive a very nice discount on the standard price list of 15%.

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