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The clock in a Jaguar or Daimler X300 or XJ40, you have probably never been able to read it. A shame, right?

Partly unreadable or simply defective in its entirety, you rarely find the digital clock working. No problem, we will renovate it for you!

After all, it is not a face, a non-working LCD screen in your classic Jaguar or Daimler.

We have the solution for all X300 and XJ40 models, we arrange it from A to Z. How do we work?

It is important to know that we usually work on an exchange basis. You bring in the current panel with clock and you will receive a perfectly working panel from us. The condition is of course that we have your current panel in stock. This is always the case for the Jaguar / Daimler X300 (6 in line).

We cannot offer XJ40 and other models on an exchange basis, so we need the panel in advance. We prefer to disassemble it ourselves. Why? We often come across damage and defects during disassembly, that is just a waste and not necessary.

What about the costs?

Prices are shown incl. 21% VAT.

Revision LCD clock, excluding possible replacement lights surrounding switches.

Disassembly and assembly together.

Includes 3 months warranty, only on repairs listed on the report.

Would you like to bring your beloved classic to the state in which it belongs?

Please feel free to contact us and we will work for you.

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