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The Series 1 XJ is the most beautiful XJ Saloon produced, in my opinion. This, in combination with the manual gearbox and the top-quality restoration, makes the ultimate driver’s saloon.

Somewhere in 2020 I received a call from Karin. If I was interested in a Jaguar XJ S1. It is the Jaguar belonging to her partner, Willem. After the explanation about this XJ I will of course visit Karin and Willem. The story about the XJ is good, but the contact with Karin and Willem might be even better! That is often the deciding factor. No nice contact means no agreement, and that for both sides, right?

All right, Willem and his XJ. The garage door opens and one look is enough; This classic has been worked on by a professional. A professional in the field of sheet metal, a professional in the field of spraying. if you are interested in it, you will see it immediately. Bonnet open. Once again the quality shines towards you, unprecedented. The interior; beautiful dark blue leather, produced.

Willem is superfluous about his classics. His MG from the 50s exudes exactly the same quality. When you’re an enthusiast like that, it’s not easy to part with your hobby, but sometimes the mind takes precedence over your passion. The Jaguar is awarded to me by Willem and goes with me to Oirschot, Willem and I keep in touch. Time flies, a lot of work has been done to get the finishing touches and now the XJ is completely ready.

The classic. There is no doubt about a Series 1 XJ; this is just beautiful! The large plastic bumpers on a Series 3, the black-tinted taillights on a somewhat later XJS, these are things that are sometimes questioned with these types. The opinions about the very first XJ are mostly not divided, and that is not surprising!

Because just look at the design of those taillights, or actually the entire rear. Have you ever seen? We are talking about a hefty sedan, but the elegance radiates from it. In large part also due to the chrome bumpers made at the time; you never saw that again. The large rear window, also unique.

This very early XJ has even more special features. Take a look at the full stainless steel exhaust, placed straight to the rear. A feature of only the very first XJs. The reflectors placed high on the tailgate, same story. The chrome rings around the beautiful Lucas counters, in the wooden dashboard. Okay, I could go on and on, but let’s get to the condition of the XJ, just as important.

As mentioned, Willem loves quality. With our finishing touches, we have continued this quality, the XJ is now in optimal condition. The classic has been completely restored in past years. Just take a look at the images. Hold on to that image and consider a technical condition of the same high level. After Willem handed over the XJ, I still spent more than €8.000,-, nothing has been left to chance. Top fit and of high quality, that had to be this ‘matching numbers’ XJ.

So ready, off. The new owner is going to enjoy it to the fullest. Enjoy the manual gearbox with overdrive. Enjoy the wonderfully sitting, soft leather seats. Enjoy the freshly restored burr walnut dashboard. And enjoy the delicious 2.8 six-in-line. Although this was the lightest engine at the time, the combination of gearbox and engine type makes this XJ a particularly fit, even quite fast sedan. Several times I have driven 4.2s which seemed significantly less fit, in large part due to the somewhat slow-shifting, power-guzzling automatic gearbox. Nice for some, too bad for others; the perfectly working LPG installation also makes the XJ particularly pleasant at the pumping station. Naturally, the S1 runs on both petrol and LPG as it should; like the proverbial sun.

You want this pure history on wheels. There is no reason not to keep this classic in your garage. Can you think of a reason? Totally fine, then I’ll keep Willem’s XJ to myself, right?

There is still a lot to say about this Jaguar, but of course you only get a good picture when you look at the car and drive it. you are most welcome in Oirschot, the coffee is ready.

Why this XJ Series 1?
Top quality restoration
Manual gearbox
Matching numbers
Very early s1
Attractive color; Dark Blue
Fresh car to see
Good investment

Jaguar and Daimler enthusiasts are located all over the world. 35% of our offer therefore finds its way to our neighboring countries. Naturally, we take care of the complete handling for you, from purchase inspection to export documents, whether or not provided with insurance. We speak Dutch, English and German.

Technical data
Registered in: NL
License plate: DM-58-38
Origin: SE
Registration NL: 30-10-1996
First registration: 15-11-1969
Mileage: 131.153km
MOT expiry date: n/a
Cylinder bore: 2792cm3
Engine type: 6 cylinders in line setting
Output: 110kW/150HP

Jaguar XJ 2.8 Manual Series 1 – Dark Blue – 131.153km – Y1969

Sold to Coen, Germany



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