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30 Years of Range Rover: 30th Anniversary. Only 200 copies of this unique P38 were produced.

Range Rover, an iconic design. Immediately upon its introduction in 1969, the luxurious and extremely comfortable off-road vehicle was a great success. The model was delivered for no less than 27 years. From 1994, the first model was renamed Range Rover Classic, as its successor was introduced; the P38A. Named after the project name Pegasus, built in Block 38A, Solihull.

The P38 was used up to and including 2002. Relatively short, making it a relatively rare model. Good copies are now becoming scarce. Reliable classics, great travel cars. Reviled by those who are either unfamiliar with it or acquainted only with the poorly maintained examples, often driven by avarice. How do we know that? That’s right, our other hobby; Jaguar.

All right, let’s go to this instance; extremely rare, because 30th Anniversary. Range Rover was now 30 years old and to celebrate that, the 30th Anniversary was designed. Only 200 units were produced, reportedly 100 left-hand drive and 100 right-hand drive. Finished in Wimbledon Green, exclusive to the 30th Anniversary. Bumpers and mirror caps were also painted, something you only saw on the Autobiography models at the time.

And then that interior; wonderful! Classic Green leather with a Lightstone piping. The steering wheel is also available in these two colours, also unique to the Anniversary models. And then that delicious Burr Maple wood. Real wood and therefore real craftsmanship. All the woodwork is in top condition, something I have not seen before on a P38. No cracks, no breaks, unprecedented.

The navigation system was optionally available. This Anniversary is provided with that. Useful? Not anymore today. Beautiful and fun? Of course!

The protective grilles around the headlights and taillights, rare these days. The set is in very good condition, it gives the Range Rover an even nicer look if you ask me.

The previous owner, a real enthusiast, cherished this Anniversary for 8 years. No expense was spared, the thick binder full of documentation and invoices is proof of this. Even the complete engine block was overhauled, invoice of course present.

The enthusiasm radiates on all sides, you can just see that. The right parts, everything mounted in the right way. No fiddling, no rumbling. That’s how we want it! The rims have already been repainted, spotlessly clean, even the rim bed on the inside. The spare wheel is rarely seen by the average owner, usually never. The spare wheel of this P38 is also painted, together with the four rims under the car. Those are the enthusiasts, great!

Although much has already been adressed, there are always points for attention. Everything was immediately done to take the already beautiful and good Range Rover to an even higher level; major, major maintenance was carried out. Many matters received attention, everything nicely documented.

The list of tasks is endless. Wonderful to do, if you ask me. Even the heavy chrome emblem on the back of the boot lid has been brought back to color, details are important. The steering wheel in top condition, the full Alpine sound system in order, the amplifier working. Typical P38 things such as blend motors, O-rings heater, air suspension and the like have all been addressed, no worries but pure enjoyment. Just look them up, P38 in this condition, let alone an Anniversary.

I myself have now driven 2,000 kilometers. Daily, in addition to the Discovery for the heavier work such as the trailer. Hassle-free and reliable, as it should be. Is that possible with a P38? Yes you can, if maintained.

Quality and maintenance, that’s what it’s all about. I could go on and on about this Range Rover, but there is no room for that in an advertisement text. View the photos and be surprised about the condition and the complete version of this P38 30th Anniversary.

To keep it short and yet complete, I will list all the negatives here, if there are any. The seat heating does not work, of course this can be remedied with an after-market set, although that is not my preference given the originality. the second and last flaw is the lack of the original set of carpets. There is a nice set available in the same color as the original set; green. Those were the disadvantages and negatives, I honestly can’t name any more; a P38 Range Rover to dream of!

The 30th Anniversary is a limited edition that should not be missing in a Land Rover collector’s collection, let alone in this condition.

There is still a lot to say about this 30th Anniversary, but of course you only get a good picture when you look at the car and drive it. you are very welcome in Oirschot, the coffee is ready.

Why this Range Rover P38?
30th Anniversary, limited
Very original
Overhauled engine block
Interior and exterior in top condition
Extensive documentation available
Fresh car to see and drive

Enthusiasts of British classics are located all over the world. 50% of our offer therefore finds its way to our neighboring countries. It goes without saying that we take care of the entire handling for you, from purchase inspection to export documents, with or without insurance. We speak Dutch, English and German.

Technical data.
Registered in: NL, EU
License plate: 08-GK-KX
Origin: NL
Registration NL: 05-01-2001
First registration: 05-01-2001
MOT expiry date: Fresh at delivery
Mileage: 245.996km
Cylinder bore: 4554cm3
Engine type: 8 cylinders in V setting
Output: 160kW/218HP

Range Rover P38 30th Anniversary – Wimbledon Green Metallic – 245.996km – Y2001

Sold to Tineke, The Netherlands



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