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The lusts, not the burdens. We have come up with something for that!

You would like to drive a classic car, but you are a bit shy about the fixed loads that go with it. You also don’t know for sure if you’ll use it often enough, even if your dream car is still so great. What would it be like to be able to enjoy a beautiful classic several times a year? Just board and drive away without worry.

Then view the range of Klassiekershuren.nl.

No worries, no fixed costs, no maintenance. Just enjoying. Enjoy a beautiful Morgan, Jaguar MK2, Morris Minor or a Porsche Speedster. And don’t forget our Mini Cooper, you must have driven it once?

View the range on the website and contact us for a wonderful tour with your dream car! And yes, of course we also have a Jaguar XJ for you;)