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The Range Rover Classic appeals to everyone’s imagination, as every Range Rover does.

Range Rover, an iconic design. The luxurious and extremely comfortable all-terrain vehicle was a great success immediately upon its introduction in 1969. The model was delivered for no less than 27 years. From 1994, the first model was renamed Range Rover Classic, after all, its successor was introduced; the P38A.

The Classic was carried until 1994. Good copies are now becoming scarce. Reliable classics, great travel cars. Reviled by those who are either unfamiliar with it or are only familiar with the poorly maintained examples, often driven by avarice. Where do we know that from? That’s right, our other hobby; Jaguar.

Okay, let’s go to this example. What a wonderful classic! The entire appearance is just right; Everything is in the right place, every detail has been attended to. And then that interior; typical ‘Eighties’ gray velvet, combined with beautifully colored woodwork on the doors. No hanging headliner, but a nice fabric, renewed not long ago. The grille, the perfect looking headlights and fog lights, just a wonderful car to look at.

This Range Rover Vogue surprised me immediately upon arrival. The passion radiates from it. Not surprising given the enthusiasm of the previous owner; he speaks loudly about his Range Rovers and is a true enthusiast. He has owned this special example since 2014, so almost 10 years. Suspended for a few months in the winter, his daily car in the summer.

I like seeing everyday cars. These are usually the reliable classics, the classics that you can count on. No savings are made on maintenance, preventive maintenance is not the exception but the rule. Awesome!

This is also the case with this example. The engine compartment, chassis and undercarriage are a pleasure to view in detail, photos are of course available.

We are talking about the 3.5 v8 injection with the reliable ZF 4 speed gearbox, mostly seen as the best combination.

There is very little to criticize in terms of both technology and appearance. The chassis has been well treated over the years and is therefore in top condition considering its age. Engine and gearbox function as they should. No ‘singing’ differential or annoying play on the drivetrain. A perfectly functioning injection system and therefore a smoothly starting V8, cold or warm. No corrosion on steel or aluminum. Beautiful looking paintwork. Nice decals on the front and back, I could go on and on.

It is good to know that the Classic is equipped with air conditioning from the factory, which is currently still working perfectly. The heater also functions well.

What are the negatives, you ask? You have to look for that with a magnifying glass. Think of a small dent in the left rear flank, and a non-functioning after-market cruise control system. Anything else? A drop of oil on the crankcase of the engine and gearbox, but that is hardly worth mentioning. That’s it? Yes that’s it.

As mentioned, we have the previous owner to thank for that. Years of proud ownership pass, it’s time for something different, that’s how it goes. Wander notices a beautiful P38 from our collection, the Classic is exchanged to my great pleasure. Nice, my first Range Rover ‘Classic’! You already understand, the Range Rover is registered by me and therefore does not end up in the company stock, I want to drive this beauty myself.

And driving is more beneficial than you might think; In the Netherlands the Range Rover, which was registered in 1986, falls under the transitional arrangement for road tax; resulting in only 152 euros in road tax. The excess of space in a Range Rover makes it a practical car and in this case the original towbar with a towing capacity of up to 3500kg also offers many possibilities. A classic usually does not experience depreciation. All ideal for a true enthusiast!

Why sell anyway, you may ask? If only I could keep all those beautiful classics for myself. MK2, XKR, P38, XJ S1, Range Rover Classic… it’s all too beautiful not to keep, but it’s my job, I’m not a collector.

Anyway, until the new owner is found, I will make grateful use of this wonderful classic, because what a pleasure it is! The engine sound, the wide bonnet with the characteristic markings on the left and right, the characteristic lines, typical Range Rover.

So for sale, but without a price tag, which is a first for me. This may slow down sales somewhat, because sometimes things can go quickly with these types of special classics. If you are interested, just contact me and who knows, we might meet up.

There is still a lot to say about this Range Rover, but you will of course only get a good impression when you view and drive the car. you are very welcome in Oirschot, the coffee is ready.

Why this Range Rover Classic?
In particularly good condition
Vogue SE version
Interior and exterior in top condition
Real enthusiast’s car
Fresh car to see and drive

Enthusisasts of British classics are located all over the world. 50% of our sales therefore finds its way to our neighboring countries. Naturally, we take care of the entire process for you, from purchase inspection to export documents, with or without insurance. We speak Dutch, English and a word German.

Technical information.
Registered in: NL, EU
License plates: XJ-35-TS
Origin: NL
Registration NL: 01-08-1986
First registration: 01-08-1986
MOT expiry date: 06-10-2024
Mileage: 322.729km
Cilinder bore: 3528cm3
Engine type: 8 cylinders in V setting
Output: 96kW/131PK

Range Rover Classic Vogue SE 3.5 V8 EFI – Green Metallic – 322.729km – Y1986

Sold to John



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