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Private or business, it can be useful to divide a large amount into smaller parts. As a result, you retain investment room for important matters, you pay a fixed monthly amount and perhaps most importantly; savings remain available for the times that this is desired.

In business terms, this means that the classic, often purchased with the interesting Youngtimer scheme in mind, is simply on the balance. Because the costs are fixed, they can be budgeted and, as stated, investment scope is retained for core activities.

Important given; at Financial Lease you are the owner of the classic at the end of the term!

Are you interested in one of our classics and would you like to use Financial Lease, please contact us or contact our Financial Lease partner directly
DTC Lease. If you have good experiences with another company yourself and you would like to conclude the contract there, we will of course arrange for cooperation.

Pay attention! Borrowing money, costs money.