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Driving your classic brings maintenance, no matter how fit your classic car is. If you keep it well-maintenanced, your classic will remain in top condition and this will maintain its enthusiastic value and often its financial value. Maintenance is therefore an important topic. We are good at buying and selling classics, which is a different branch of sport than maintaining classics. Because everyone should do what he or she is good at, we rely solely on the services of experienced, specialist garage companies.

There are a number of these dedicated specialists throughout the country per brand and even per type.

I would be happy to advise you on the best company in your region. If you would like to remain totally unburdened after purchasing your classic car, you can have the maintenance done by our regular specialist.

Apart from the regular maintenance, each type of classic has its own specific subjects. I regularly hear questions about these types of topics, over time I will highlight some of these recurring points. Do you have questions about it? just contact us!

Jaguar Maintenance and technology


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