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The most desirable Daimler worldwide – Daimler Century 1/100.

Simply untraceable. Simply unique. A Daimler Century actually needs no words, enthusiasts know enough.

1996, 100 years of history. This was celebrated with two special models; the Daimler Century. Supplied in 4.0 inline six and 6.0 V12. Each model performed in Long Wheel Base. It had to be the most luxurious, most fully equipped Daimler ever, a special model. Only 100 units of both engine types were produced to ensure exclusivity.

Everything about the Daimler Century radiates quality and luxury. The beautiful Turbine rims, fully chromed. Black Century decals, gold inlaid. Luxurious burr walnut of the highest quality, ‘Century’ inlaid. Almost every interior part is finished with the soft to the touch, fine Analine leather. A Harman Kardon sound system with 9 speakers and 240 watts of power.

Never before have you even found a memory function for the fully electrically adjustable seat on the passenger side, only in the Century models. Although the luxury captain chairs in the back actually only made their appearance in 1997 during the inauguration of the new type X308, Daimler had the scoop with the Century; in the rear compartment you will find electrically adjustable and heated separate seats, with the typical Daimler logo on each headrest. The make-up mirrors, recessed into the headliner and angled slightly towards each seat, complete the look.

This Century in the beautiful color Jaguar Black just has it; An interior and exterior in top condition, a chassis in top condition, everything exudes quality. No stone chips, no parking dents, virtually no damage. That says something about the way this Century is driven, cherished in this case. Definitely worth the investment, there’s no doubt about it.

Originally, the Century was delivered new in Belgium. The first owner had a special wish; a Century in the color Jaguar Black. Special, because the Century Six and Double Six were not available in that color. Exception makes the rule, and according to the Century register there are currently 4 Century’s known worldwide in the color black. This is such a unique example.

Years pass, times change. Over time, this special Century ends up at a Jaguar specialist in Belgium, not coincidentally a good friend of the first owner. After years, this specialist awarded us this beautiful Century, knowing that we do everything we can to bring and keep this special classic in the best possible condition.

The interior is made of beautiful Silk White leather, leather that almost never seems to have been touched. Leather is everywhere, even on the door panels. Beautiful but above all very unique. Of course you will find burr walnut in abundance, of course with a hand-inlaid Century logo.

The automatic transmission shifts smoothly, the suspension feels solid. A ‘singing’ differential is a known ailment of the X300 Jaguars and Daimlers. The differential of this Century is of course very quiet, inaudible. Interesting detail; the production card at the time stated as a special extra a differential lock, which benefits the road behaviour.

It was immediately apparent that the chassis and body are in particularly good condition. Sills, wheel arch edges, all critical parts are virtually free of rust. A well-preserved example, and that with its 25 years of history. Not strange; the Century has always been stored indoors and also has a particularly low mileage, which is of course fully verifiable. Also very special; the lambswool carpets are still present as a complete set! The driver’s side in particular is usually lost or simply worn out, not on this Century.

Immediately after arrival, we assessed and improved the Daimler together with our regular technical specialists from Coventry BV in Uden. Major maintenance was carried out, no expense was spared. Only in this way can you guarantee quality, the Daimler is worth it. A lot of things have also been tackled optically. To name a few main points: Naturally, the headlining has been renovated, it will hang over time. The digital clock has also been renovated, the original radio has been repaired, of course the entire interior and exterior has been professionally cleaned and detailed.

No rust is visible under the rear window, mint condition. The chrome on both bumpers, which is becoming scarce these days, is also in new condition. Not to mention the headlight washers, untraceable these days! These Century are neatly intact, as they should be.

It is clear this is a special model. At the time, a Daimler Six Century had a price of FL247,000, the Double Six left Coventry for FL260,000. An amount that is comparable to the price of a new Bentley today, just to name one example.

You can imagine how extremely rare a Daimler Century is. A total of 200 copies have been distributed worldwide. How many of these are left? Who will know.

The Century is delivered with a brand new MOT. The service folder is of course present. Invoices of previously performed maintenance are available. The key set consists of two black keys, one green valet key, a key code label and a well-functioning remote control.

There is still much to be said about this special Daimler Century, but of course you only get a good picture when you look at the car and drive it. you are most welcome in Oirschot, the coffee is ready.

Why this Daimler?
Century. That’s why.
Unique condition
Exceptional color
Low mileage
From the first owner
Reliable six cylinder
Good investment

Jaguar and Daimler enthusiasts are located all over the world. 35% of our offer therefore finds its way to our neighboring countries. Naturally, we take care of the complete handling for you, from purchase inspection to export documents, whether or not provided with insurance. We speak Dutch, English and German.

Technical data.
Registered in: NL, EU
License plate: R-453-KJ
Origin: BE
Registration NL: 22-09-2022
First registration: 07-06-1996
Mileage: 103.762km
MOT expiry date: 1 year after delivery
Cylinder bore: 3980cm3
Engine type: 6 cylinders in line setting
Output: 177kW/241HP

Daimler Century Six LWB – Jaguar Black – 103762km – Y1996

Sold to Alexander
Margin transaction, no VAT deductible

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