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5.2 V10. 560HP at 8000 RPM, 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds; Gallardo LP560-4, extreme in every way.

A completely different world, this Gallardo. Immensely impressive to see, but certainly also impressive to drive. The engine sound of the delicious 5.2 V10 comes directly from behind the front seats, where the V10 is placed. The interior is completely made of anthracite leather, everything is in near mint condition. The exterior is also in top condition. Not surprising, because the actually invisible protective foil has always protected the critical parts well against damage. Blu Fontys Metallic suits the Gallardo very well. In this example, not combined with garish red or orange, but as said with stylish black. The convertible top is also black.

Beautiful, that’s for sure. But what really counts when purchasing this type of exclusive car is of course the technical condition. The current, second owner of course also knows this. So he did not act overnight, but searched for the perfect example for a long time. This Gallardo was found at the Lamborghini dealer in Brussels. The first owner at the time, a real enthusiast, bought a Húracan and instructed the dealer to find a new owner for his Gallardo. special; at that time the current owner had the beautiful age of 78 years!

The current, second owner bought the Lamborghini complete with warranty, only possible with the best examples in the range. Even after purchase, no cuts were made on maintenance; Louwman Exclusive takes care of the entire maintenance from A to Z up to the present day. There are no issues that require attention at the moment.

The original exhaust system is present with the car. The current owner has also had a special exhaust system installed, the sound is phenomenal!

It is important to mention that the LP560-4 was a completely new model at the time. With its new engine, permanent four-wheel drive, new suspension, the stiffer spyder body structure, optimized aerodynamics, reduced weight and the optimization of internal friction, the Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder delivers superior performance and significantly better dynamics compared to the previous Gallardo Spyder.

Of course, the entire history is available. Invoices are available for the maintenance performed. A special cover protects the Lamborghini during storage, the trickle charger keeps the battery voltage at the correct level.

We know this Gallardo for 5 years now and offer it to you in consignment.

Why this Gallardo in particular?
From the second owner
Lamborghini Brussels delivered
Very punctually maintained
Top condition
Beautiful color combination

Jaguar and Daimler enthusiasts are located all over the world. 35% of our offer therefore finds its way to our neighboring countries. Naturally, we take care of the complete handling for you, from purchase inspection to export documents, whether or not provided with insurance. We speak Dutch, English and German.

Technical data.
Registered in: NL, EU
License plate: RJ-633-L
Origin: BE
Registration NL: 29 november 2017
First registration: 7 juli 2011
Mileage: 49.881km
MOT expiry date: 12-12-2022
Cylinder bore: 5204cm3
Engine type: 10 cylinders in V setting
Output: 412 kW/560PK

Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder – Blu Fontys Metallic – Y2011

Fixed price excl. BPM: €109.500,-
Fixed price incl. BPM: €114.500,-

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