Where do you order the headlining for your Jaguar, Daimler, Land Rover or bentley?

Or read in: Dutch

A year ago he proudly showed his new headlining. Ordered online and “ready to go” abroad, mounted at the dealer. This purchase was already “ready” after a year, because the upholstery is now hanging again. Consequence; No warranty with the dealer, as it was not delivered by them and no warranty with the seller, because the product was not simply removed from the car. You are even warned about it on Facebook, as you can see in the photo below.

Everywhere something goes wrong, such as recently here: There appeared to be a production error in a roll of fabric. Difficult, but fortunately an incident and not the problem of the customer if you ask me. So done again, free of course. Everyone happy! That is a bit tricky when ordered online and overseas, right?

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