Renovation of the Daimler Century V12 VIN ***779833

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This is the second Daimler Century in our range. This time, the special classic requires quite a bit of ‘tender love and care’. The Century appeared in our range and Xander was quick to join us; he commissioned us to tackle this unique Century, together with our partners! Great, that trust, that’s how we like to work.

In the first week of June the time has come; Xander is handed his Century. Until then, you will find an extensive report of the renovation here. We are already enjoying it, as probably any Jaguar – Daimler enthusiast will. Do you have questions? You can find us via the contact page.

Short introduction – Daimler Century

January 14, 1896, Harry J. Lawson and his patent on the Daimler combustion engine; the start of the prestigious Daimler Motor Company. A year later, the first Daimler rolled out of the Coventry factory; four cylinders, 4 BHP. A special team drove from John O’Groats to Lands End in less than 94 hours, a whopping 930 miles or nearly 1,500km. A unique performance that immediately impressed Daimler’s quality.

Jaguar made its appearance in 1960 by taking over the manufacturer Daimler.
1996, 100 years of history. This was celebrated with a special model; the Daimler Century. Supplied in 4.0 straight-six and 6.0 V12. Each model performed in Long Wheel Base. It had to be the most luxurious, most complete Daimler ever, a special model. Only 100 units of both engine types were produced to ensure exclusivity.

When you look at the pictures like this, it doesn’t seem that dramatic when it comes to the condition of this Daimler, does it? That is precisely the pitfall when it comes to the regular range of Jaguar and Daimler classics. Underneath the nice jacket is often a lot of misery. Misery that you will often not see during a first viewing or test drive.

In the case of the Daimler Century 779833 (the last six digits of the chassis number) these are both technical and optical matters. A technical aspect that everyone will immediately notice is the defective differential. Go for a drive and you will hear and feel it immediately.

What you will not immediately notice is the rust on the bottom. Every Daimler will have to deal with this, just like every classic in general, by the way. Sills and bottom are often corroded. Specialist work that can be tackled within our network without any problems. Another technical aspect is the cooling system. Although this engine has not been at a high temperature, some pressure builds up in the cooling system. This often indicates a leaking head gasket. So here too there is work to be done. The list seems endless, but eye-catching are a defective sunroof, rusting wheel arch rim and of course a sagging headliner. You will see the other points appear on this page, with a beautiful end result in June!

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Start of the renovation


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